Are Online Degrees Cheaper?

By now you’ve heard the horror stories of college graduates being in loan debt until they reach retirement age. Obtaining a college degree is an absolute necessity nowadays if you want to secure a job. But what’s the point of getting one if you are setting yourself back $50,000? That’s one reason an online degree should be considered. They are often a more affordable option than the traditional college route and still get you the qualifications you need to succeed in the job world.

The Costs of a Traditional University

Whether you go to a state university or private college, you’ll be lucky to find a tuition that’s affordable. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, the average cost of college has doubled (and even tripled) since the 1980s. The overwhelming financial costs of college have even been proven to have a serious effect on students’ mental health during school.

The financial barriers to college pose a problem for the future economy. Although some students are able to acquire special scholarships and grants, most are left in the dust. That’s why more students today are skipping the traditional university route and seeking online degrees.

Why An Online Degree May Be Cheaper

1. Cheaper Tuition
One reason to get an online degree is the vastly cheaper annual tuition costs. Since an online institution doesn’t need to pay for building maintenance and other incurred costs, it makes sense that it wouldn’t need to charge it’s students as much as a university does.

2. No Transportation Fees
Taking classes online means never having to worry about rushing to your next class. With your education always right on your laptop, it’s a great option for those who may not want to relocate to a school. This is especially convenient for those who may not have access to transportation so easily or are unable to afford it.

3. No Living Costs
Another reason traditional university tends to be so expensive is because of the high costs of room and board. Many universities still require their first-year students to live on campus. Dorms and meal plans can cost thousands of dollars more than an average apartment room. This is another great reason to consider obtaining an online degree. Not only do you not have to worry about moving, but you also don’t need to worry about packing your lunch or paying expensive meal prices for a bite between classes.

4. No Additional Fees
Many college courses will add on additional fees for lab and equipment supplies. However, online degrees never require these extra requirements. When you pay for an online course, you can expect it to cost only what is expected.

An online degree is quickly becoming a popular alternative to expensive universities. Just because it’s cheaper doesn’t mean that it’s a less qualified degree either. Since their popularity has risen, experienced educators have joined the online world of academia. Obtaining a degree online is a smart and cheap way to invest in your future. The classes can be just as rigorous and inspiring as any university course.