Best Careers for Enneagram Type Five

Are you interested in learning more about what the Best Careers for Enneagram Type Five are? If so you are in the right place! A person who identifies with having an Enneagram Type Five personality type is known as “The Investigator.” They tend to be the intense cerebral type since they are very perceptive, innovative, alert, and insightful. Enneagram Type Fives will enjoy careers in which they get to use their curiosity and investigative skills to find out information to make changes in the world around them.

They are able to concentrate and focus very well and enjoy developing very complex skills as well as ideas. Enneagram Fives are very independent and like to work alone but can also be part of a team as they are very competent and capable of doing their jobs in their chosen career field. They like to learn new things, understand the environment, and figure things out as they go along. Type Fives like to find out why things are the way they are, basically, they want to know how things tick.

Enneagram Fives are sometimes also known as the loyalist enneagram which means they will become dedicated to the job or career path they choose to enter into. Type Fives do not really want to learn more about things they already have a lot of information about but rather the abnormal things. They are always seeking new information and a new way of doing things since they embrace their innovative personality and their need to investigate things to gain more and different information.

Are You an Enneagram Type Five? Here are the Best Careers for The Investigator

1. Engineer

Enneagram Type Fives love to solve problems and develop new ideas, skills, and concepts. These traits make them great candidates to enter into the field of engineering. They can work on their own and utilize their innovative ideas to create new designs in a variety of areas. They enjoy sharing the ideas and concepts they come up with and engineers are tasked with creating new products, designs, and even machinery and computer programs to make things flow better for their employer or company they are working for. They also enjoy presenting their ideas to others to move forward with the creative process.

2. Computer Programmer

Enneagram Fives are known as The Investigator but also as The Thinker. A career in computer programming allows Type Fives to utilize their thinking skills to analyze current programs and to come up with new ones that will propel users to new levels. Computer programmers can create not only new computer programs but apps for smartphones and other products as well that make life easier for millions of people on a daily basis. Enneagram Fives embrace this kind of opportunity and enjoy working on their own to come up with computer programs that will work properly for the people who will be using them in the future.

3. Scientist

Enneagram Type Fives are very insightful and enjoy working independently. Type Fives are not only known as investigators who are extremely curious, but they are also great observers. They enjoy making intelligent observations about a variety of situations and are the thinking type that wants to create innovative solutions that are very strategically used to solve problems. They have a great thirst for knowledge and want the facts to back it up. They have an overall very deep understanding of how systems work as well as the surrounding environment.

Type fives are very self-reliant which means the field of science is a great one for them. Many Type Fives are attracted to fields such as medical science and behavioral science because they enjoy coming up with solutions to problems that other people cannot. They also enjoy treading into unknown territories to come up with new ideas and solutions as well. They feel very confident in themselves and their capabilities when it comes to their work as a scientist which is needed in that type of field since it is very intense, complex, nuanced, dynamic, and always changing at a rapid pace.

4. Mathematician

Enneagram Type Fives, unlike the general public, actually enjoy solving mathematical problems which makes them great candidates for careers as mathematicians. They love mastering skills than building upon those skills to create solutions to problems and to gain more knowledge and competency. Type Fives spend a lot of time gathering facts to gain very large amounts of esoteric knowledge since they are very inquisitive and are always striving for new ways to solve problems that will make society better for everyone. Type Fives also enjoy autonomy which they can have in a career as a mathematician. They also like to spend a lot of time gathering facts that they can use to solve a variety of issues and they can apply that innovative and investigative knowledge in a career as a mathematician.

5. Author

A career as an author is a great one for an Enneagram Type Five since they are very insightful and are able to articulate well when it comes to complex topics. They also have a wonderful ability to connect with a variety of different people and to see other people’s perspectives which are very important traits when writing nonfiction articles and books since they need to remain neutral. Type Fives have a great willingness to disclose their thoughts as well as information they gather which is also important in a career as an author. They are very confident in their thinking skills as well as their writing skills and are very bookish which means they read a lot which is an important skill for an author to have since it will improve their own writing by reading other authors’ work. Type Fives are very interested in a variety of different specific topics, and they also like to provide factually accurate stories for people to read to allow their readers to gain more knowledge about complex topics.

6. Technician

Enneagram Type Fives are very good at making intelligent observations about a variety of situations to then create strategic solutions to different problems. They enjoy conducting experiments and researching topics to gain as much information as possible to be able to apply them in their role as a technician to make life better for others. Whether the Type Five person is choosing a career as a medical technician or an irrigation technician, they are always learning and growing to be able to apply their newfound knowledge to their field of expertise as a technician. They are confident in their skills and enjoy educating themselves and others on complex topics and a career as a technician allows them to do that on a regular basis.

7. Scholar

Enneagram Type Fives are very focused on their own intellect and are very interested in gathering knowledge about common topics but more importantly, topics that are off the beaten path. This allows them to come up with new ideas that others may not have thought of yet which means a career as a scholar is a great one for many Enneagram Type Five personalities. As a scholar, the Type Five person can use their keen perception and analytical abilities throughout their career. Scholars need privacy and personal autonomy which Enneagram Type Fives crave since they see many of their experiences with other people as very intrusive. Type Fives are very mentally focused and want to have a better intellectual understanding of the world around them as they accumulate more and more knowledge. They are very self-reliant and do not mind being somewhat isolated which allows them to be more focused on their scholarly ability.

8. Industrial Engineers

Type Five personalities are very well-suited for careers as industrial engineers because it allows them to research and come up with innovative ideas that they can share with others and collaborate within the teams they are part of and put their ideas into reality. Type Fives are very adept at focusing and concentrating on their work which is required in the field of industrial engineering. Type Fives are very curious and the field of engineering allows them to fulfill that desire while making a living in their careers. They like to see tangible results from the complex ideas they come up with and a career as an industrial engineer allows them to do that. Type Five personalities like to be on their toes at all times and enjoy mastering anything that catches their interest. Industrial engineering allows that to happen since it is a very challenging field.

9. Market research analysts

Type Five personalities are many times considered visionary pioneers since they have the ability to see the world in very new ways which means yeah career as a market research analyst may be very well suited for them. They love to evaluate facts and figures, and they can do that while evaluating the latest market results. They can explore a variety of market trends and then make predictions on a daily basis which keeps them on their toes and allows them to present the information they have obtained to others. Type Five personalities are known for having great ideas and for being people that usually have something innovative to explain to others which can include the future of the markets they are analyzing. They are very focused on acquiring new knowledge and information which will allow them to see trends that are going to happen in the market way before others will. Many times their predictions end up coming to pass which makes this a wonderful career choice for an Enneagram Type Five personality.

10. Political Scientists

When it comes to a career as a political scientist, Enneagram Type Five personalities are great for this field since they love to work with very complex ideas and political science offers that to them. Type Fives are very curious people and politics will give them plenty to investigate and explain to others. Type Fives also like to be factually accurate and are more often than not when it comes to the political arena and their analysis of it. Since Type Fives are able to articulate well and can present their facts and figures in a balanced and logical way, they do very well in the field of political science.

What Qualities of The Investigator Enneagram Make Them Good at Careers in Stem?”

Enneagram Five personality types do very well when it comes to STEM (Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) fields since they are all academic disciplines, therefore making these great career choices. Type Fives are known as “The Investigator” type since they are always seeking out new information on a variety of topics. The fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics allow them to utilize their love of research and fact-gathering to come up with innovative ways to solve problems and make things easier for others. They do very well when it comes to all types of sciences, including political and medical science, as well as an array of different types of technologies.  

Why Are Enneagram Test Type 5 Well-Suited to Careers with Continued Education?

Enneagram Type Fives have a thirst for knowledge of an array of different topics. They pride themselves on learning new information on a regular basis to be able to come up with innovative ideas and improve their skillsets to solve different types of problems. They are constantly striving to learn new things and are very open to continuing their education throughout their lives. They enjoy creativity as well as contextual thinking and memorization so continuing education is very appealing to them.


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