Best Careers for Enneagram Type One

Are you interested in learning more about what the Best Careers for Enneagram Type one are? If so you are in the right place! People who identify as an Enneagram Type One personality level are usually very ethical as well as conscientious. They have a great sense of what is right and what is wrong, and they enjoy being teachers as well as advocates and crusaders for change in the world.

Enneagram Type Ones are always striving to improve the things around them and are very well organized in their attempts to maintain very high standards are normally very wise realistic and noble and are known as The Reformers, or even The Idealists, of the Enneagram personality types. They have a basic desire to be very well-balanced in their lives and to act with integrity and honesty. They can be a bit of an idealist and want to improve everything around them. Type Ones are conscientious and ethical, with a strong sense of right and wrong.

Enneagram Type Ones can look objectively and critically at a variety of situations and many times have a sense of being on a mission while trying to improve the world around them with whatever type of degree of influence they have on others, depending on their professions. They work hard to overcome adversity, including moral adversity, to allow the human spirit to be highlighted and to make a difference in other people’s lives. Enneagram Type Ones very much want to be useful in the world in the greatest possible ways and have a high level of self-control. Enneagram Ones are very punctual, ethical, and objective and strive to be fair when dealing with others.

Are You an Enneagram Type One? Here are the Best Careers for The Reformer listed below.

1. Lawyer

A person with an Enneagram Type One personality is known as The Reformer which means he or she cares about justice and making positive changes in the world around them. By becoming a lawyer, especially one that represents the underdog in criminal as well as civil cases, the Enneagram One can help bring about the desired change by helping their client to overcome their particular situation. Becoming an attorney is a great profession for an Enneagram Type One since they are truth-seekers who want what is morally right. Enneagram Ones are also very wise and extremely organized which are two very important traits a lawyer should possess to succeed in their profession. The Reformer cares deeply about justice and will do well in the field of law, no matter what specialty they decide to pursue. For Enneagram Ones who cannot afford to attend law school, many decide upon a career as a paralegal since they can still help to seek out justice for clients while assisting the lawyers they work for throughout their career.

2. Judge

A career as a judge is another great option for Enneagram Type Ones. They are known as The Reformer so they care deeply about justice and bringing about change. Type One personalities are very rational and believe in the truth as well as in maintaining objectivity. They view integrity and honesty as very important virtues, and they always want to be fair while maintaining truth and justice as their primary values. They have a sense of responsibility when it comes to exposing the truth and are extremely principled when it comes to the ways they approach their career. They are idealists who want everyone to be treated fairly and for everyone to receive justice and fairness. Type One personalities consider their actions and how they will affect others so they act with purpose when making decisions. They also have a need to justify their actions. All of these characteristics make Enneagram Type Ones great candidates to become both attorneys and judges.

3. Social Worker

Type One personality types make very good and conscientious social workers since they are always striving to help improve the lives of others and to have an impact on the world around them. Social workers who work with children and families sometimes deal with child abuse and neglect, so Type Ones are very good in their role as the person who finds resources and helps to protect the children while helping the family unit get back on track. The Type One personality also pays close attention to detail and will keep impeccable notes for their case files and court filings. They are very realistic when it comes to the outcome of cases and know how to figure out the best steps to improve the lives of the people they work with. They also know how to teach and instruct others while helping them navigate the case plan they have created for them so they can succeed.

4. Politician

When it comes to careers for Enneagram 1, many people may not think of the field of politics, but it is actually a good one for Enneagram One personality types to consider. Enneagram Ones have great attention to detail which is very important when speaking with constituents and giving speeches on issues that are important to the people the person will represent if elected to a political position. Enneagram Ones also take time to set long-term goals which are very important in the world of politics. They are then great at organizing and instructing team members to help them achieve the political goals that they promised when running for a position as a politician. They work hard to keep the morale of their team and their constituents high so that they can then be re-elected when it comes a time or even elected to a higher position if they enjoy the field of politics. 

5. Journalist

Journalist. Taking notes. Media interview.

When it comes to Enneagram 1 careers, the field of journalism may very well be a great fit. Journalists have to pay very close attention to detail since they must ensure the news stories that they write and report are truthful and extremely accurate. Type One personalities are very obsessed with the truth. As a journalist, Enneagram One will be able to interview people and conduct investigative reporting to inform the public about things that are happening in their community and the world around them. It is also important to note that journalists log a lot of work hours and this will work well for Enneagram ones since most have a very strong work ethic and are extremely reliable which is very important in the field of journalism. Journalists strive to make the lives of others better by providing them with the information and details they need to form educated decisions about many important topics. Journalists are also the watchdogs for local government within the news area that they cover which is extremely important to Enneagram Ones since they like to hold people accountable for their actions.

6. Detective

Smart detective looking attentively at investigation board, evaluating clues

Enneagram Type One personalities are very focused on finding the truth not only for themselves but for others. They strive to bring justice for others and to reveal people’s true motivations which are great traits for a detective to have. They are also very detail-oriented which is extremely important for a detective working on a case. For example, if a detective is the head of the special response team that conducts drug busts in their jurisdiction, it is important that the detective have all the facts straight and everything covered before they raid a house or building. Detectives are able to bring justice to those who deserve it and to put away those on the other side of the law which will have a positive impact on many people’s lives in their community.

7. Police

Much like detectives, Type 1 personalities are drawn to becoming a member of law enforcement. As a police officer, an Enneagram Type One can work to bring justice for those that have been wronged and to keep their communities safe which will have a positive impact on the community as a whole. They strive to get to the truth of every matter and enjoy learning proper interrogation techniques to bring about the truth from the criminals they deal with on a daily basis. Police officers need to be very realistic in their approach to a multitude of situations which is one of the main traits of an Enneagram One personality type.

8. Activist

Woman activist holding placard poster on landfill, environmental pollution concept.

The loyalist Enneagram One personality type enjoys activism since they have an intense sense of what is right and wrong. They have strong personal beliefs and are very willing to fight for the things they believe will make the world a better place and have positive impacts on others. They are very organized so it is second nature for them to organize rallies and other events to make their voices heard while fighting the good fight for what is fair and just in the world around them.

9. Guidance Counselor

counselor and behaviour correction at the office showing happy and sad face

When it comes to the best careers for Enneagram Type 1 personalities, a job as a guidance counselor would be very fulfilling. This type of position allows Type One to instruct others in a way that can improve their lives while helping them navigate their lives in the correct directions. They pay attention to detail which helps them to determine when something may be wrong in the student’s life or that the student they are assisting is struggling with something, personally or academically. In this type of position, an Enneagram One can make a positive and lasting impact on the students and families they assist which is very important when it comes to jobs for Enneagram 1 personalities.

10. Private Detective

Private detective with modern camera spying on city street, closeup

The loyalist Enneagram One may be very attracted to the career of a private detective. They love to uncover the truth and will remain very loyal to the client or clients who hired them. They will work diligently to get to the heart of a matter, from a cheating spouse or a murder investigation, to ensure that their client receives the justice and fairness they deserve. An Enneagram 1 is very good at paying attention to detail which is very important as a private detective or investigator since they need to uncover the truth without blowing their cover too soon. It is very important to them that they are able to bring truth and justice for their client as well as closure to a stressful situation. This allows the Enneagram One to have a positive impact on the life of their client.

What Qualities of The Reformer Enneagram Make Them Good at Careers that solve Problems?

Enneagram Type One personality types, also known as The Reformer, are great in careers in which they need to solve problems since they are very detail-oriented and strive to bring out the truth in nearly every situation they become involved in. For example, as a police officer, a detective, or even a private detective, the Enneagram One will be spending the majority of their career solving cases. This is not only something they enjoy and excel at doing but the result they are always reaching for is to bring justice to those who have been negatively impacted by the situation. Fairness and justice are very important to Enneagram Ones as is solving problems to then make a positive impact on others.

Why Are Enneagram Test Type 1 Well-Suited to Careers as Activists?

Enneagram Type One personalities are at their core very loyal. They are also extremely passionate about the truth in every situation they encounter and about finding ways to solve problems that will have a positive impact on others as well as the world around them. By being an activist, they are able to utilize all of their best traits to bring about the change they want to see happen in a variety of different situations. For example, if an activist has lost someone close to them to gun violence, they will fight until the end to bring about stricter gun laws and to make changes that will protect others from meeting the same fate. They are very loyal to others as well as to the causes they’re fighting for as activists.


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