Online Degrees in Social Sciences, Psychology and Counseling


Social Science, Psychology, and Counseling Degrees Online – What You Need To Know

Deciding on a major can be tough. If you’re someone who loves helping others, and you know that you want to create a career that makes a difference in people’s lives, choosing a major in the social sciences, psychology, or counseling can equip you to create a life that allows you to work as a highly-skilled professional who knows how to help people help themselves. While some people who earn degrees in these field choose to work directly with clients, others choose to work in academia.

Here, we’ll take a look at what you can do with social sciences, psychology, and counseling degrees, and how your degree options change as you progress through your academic career.

What can you do with a psychology degree online?

What can you do with a online Social Science degree?

If you’re wondering, “what can you do with a social sciences degree?” you’re not alone. The term social sciences applies to a vast number of majors, including sociology, anthropology, ethnic studies, women’s studies, political science, and more. Working in the social sciences provides you with a deep understanding of human behavior, and can prepare you for a career in many fields.

Some people who earn degrees in social sciences go on to work in their specific career field – for example, an anthropology major may go on to work studying interesting populations around the world, or a political scientist may go on to work for a political campaign. Some people who earn social science degrees go on to teach at the university level in their field.

Some students who earn their degree in the social sciences go on to work within organizations that provide services to individuals in need. Others may go on to pursue graduate degrees that allow them to specialize in a certain area of their field. Thankfully, social science majors have many career options, as an undergraduate degree in this area provides graduates with a broad wealth of knowledge that includes communication, writing, psychology, and more.

What can you do with an online Psychology degree and an online Counseling degree?

Are you wondering what can you do with a psychology and counseling degree online? Psychology and counseling degrees train students both in a wide breadth of knowledge (including communications, research methods, statistics, biology) and specific counseling techniques. Often, psychology is offered as an undergraduate degree, while counseling is offered as a graduate degree.

Students who earn degrees in psychology and counseling may go on to work as therapists for non-profit organizations, for-profit organizations, or in private practice. If you’re thinking about becoming a therapist, it’s important to check the licensing requirements in your specific state, as well as the requirements of your program. Some programs are designed to prepare students to graduate as licensed therapists, while other programs prepare students to begin their clinical practice hours (much like a residency in a medical program) under the supervision of a licensed therapist.

Some students who earn their degrees in psychology and counseling go on to earn doctorate degrees. Students may choose to earn a doctorate to become a licensed psychologist, while others may choose to go through medical school to become a psychiatrist.

Much like social science degrees, professionals who have a degree in psychology or counseling have a deep understanding of human behavior that makes them well-qualified to work in many fields.

What Can You Do with an online degree in Social Sciences, Psychology or Counseling?

Careers in Social Sciences

Careers in social sciences are sometimes tied to the specific major chosen, however, there may be some crossover available. For example, a graduate with a degree in economics may be well-suited to work in a political campaign, despite a lack of education in political science.

Graduates with a degree in the social sciences may pursue careers including:

  • Historian
  • Fundraiser
  • Sociologist
  • Public relations specialist
  • Campaign staffer
  • Archeologist
  • Lobbyist
  • Journalist
  • Professor

Careers in Psychology, or Counseling

An education in psychology lends itself to many careers that require a intricate knowledge of human behavior and relationships. Careers available to graduates in the fields of psychology and counseling include:

  • Behavioral therapist
  • Addictions counselor
  • Human resources specialist
  • Family counselor
  • Couples therapist
  • Psychologist
  • Industrial-organizational psychiatrist
  • Psychiatrist
  • Professor
  • School counselor
Online Counseling Degree

Highest Paying Jobs in Social Sciences

Political scientists and economists have the highest paying jobs in social sciences. Highest paying jobs in Psychology would include Psychiatrists and industrial-organizational psychologists. Counseling jobs vary from working for your self to a school counselor, therefor the pay is varied. However on average counselors make around $58,000 a year.

Online Associates Degree in Social Science

Earning your online associates degree in social science is a smart way to break into the field. You may be able to find work as an assistant to a higher-level professional in your field, providing you with valuable connections and experience that can lead to advancements in your field as you continue your education. When you earn your online associates degree in social science, be sure to choose an accredited university.

Online Associates Degree in Psychology

Earning your accredited online associates degree in psychology or your accredited online associates degree in counseling can be a good start to your career in the field. While you won’t be able to work as a licensed therapist at the associate’s level, you will be able to work in administrative and supportive roles, helping therapists manage clients. You may also form relationships with therapists who will be willing to supervise you as you further your education and need to complete an undergraduate or graduate internship. Earning your accredited online associates degree in psychology or your accredited online associates degree in counseling can save you money in the long run, as many of your credits will be transferable to your bachelor’s degree.

Online Bachelor’s Degree in Social Science

Whether you’re just out of high school or have decided that you’d like to advance your career, earning your online bachelor’s degree in social science, your online bachelor’s degree in psychology or your online bachelor’s degree in counseling can be a great way to break into the field. Take your time when choosing a school — it’s a good idea to research faculty members and find out more about their areas of research interests to see if the school will be a good fit for your career goals.

If you’re interested in working as a counselor at the bachelor’s level, remember to double-check the regulations in your state to ensure that you’ll be eligible for your desired position after graduation.

Online Master’s Degree in Social Science

Thinking about earning your online masters degree in social science, online masters degree in psychology, or online masters degree in counseling? This can be an ideal way to earn your graduate education on your own time. Many participants in online degree programs in the social sciences are currently working as clinicians. When you go to school online, you’ll get the chance to connect with and learn from others in your field.

Online Doctorate in Social Science

Earning your online PhD degree in social science or your PsyD degree online can be a convenient, effective way to further your career and your education. If you decide to earn your online PhD degree in social science or your PsyD degree online, talk with your employer about potential tuition reimbursement — many employers are happy to pay for part or all of your graduate education if you agree to work for them for a certain period of time.

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