Affordable Bachelor’s in Cybersecurity

For those who are interested in tech careers, the field of cybersecurity promises both a good income as well as future job growth. As more and more businesses, schools, and other organizations move to a digital environment, the need for highly trained cyber security professionals increases daily. It is estimated that this industry will see a 33% increase in demand between now and 2030.

Cyber security continues to be one of the biggest concerns for US companies, which means that for individuals hoping to start a career in the tech field, this is a great choice of occupation. Getting the right training can begin with an online degree for cyber security.

What Is A Cybersecurity Professional?

A cybersecurity professional, or information security analyst, as they are sometimes called, is an individual who protects the digital data belonging to a company or an organization. This is a vitally important service as most of all the data today is of a digital nature. It is crucial that businesses and organizations can keep sensitive financial and personal information protected from cybercriminals.

Not only can this sensitive information be used for financial misuse, but it can also be used for identity theft and breaches of security on other levels. When institutions of any kind are unable to keep this type of information safe, everyone associated with that institution is put at risk.

This is why the field of cyber security is of vital importance to our communities and economy.

It is, however, important to remember that a information security analyst has a broad range of tasks they will be responsible for within an organization. But in general, an analyst is a person who will monitor the computer infrastructure and networks of an institution to make sure they are secure. This can include controlling who has access to files, overseeing the credentials of people within the organization, ensuring that firewalls are maintained, keeping networks up to date, and searching for vulnerabilities that could be taken advantage of within the networks.


This ranking list of the most affordable online bachelors in Cybersecurity is a consensus ranking, which combines information from IPEDS and Niche. The ranking data for each program was averaged and placed on a 100-point scale to reveal each degree’s Consensus Score. To break any ties, the base tuition of each degree was used.

1. Bellevue University

Bellevue University offers an online Bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity for students who are interested in working with computers and preventing cybercrime. This type of degree allows a student to find work in many different areas, including law enforcement, finance, and insurance, just to name a few. Graduates who earn an online Bachelor’s in cybersecurity can look forward to a long and lucrative career in the everchanging digital world. As long as the internet is part of the world, cybersecurity will be needed.

Bellevue University offers state-of-the-art, online Bachelor’s degree programs that give students an opportunity to earn their degree on their terms. Over 80% of graduates from the school are over the age of 25. The school has committed itself to offer quality education to every student who enrolls in one of its degree programs. Faculty members work with students through the platform and provide the valuable insight they can use to build a solid, long-term career.

2. American Public University

American Public University offers an online Bachelors in Cybersecurity for students who want to pursue a career that involves finding ways to protect sensitive information that is found online. Cybersecurity involves being able to use advanced technology to secure internet networks from various types of threats. With an online Bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity, a student can begin to establish themselves in the IT field as a professional in a highly specialized field.

American Public University is an accredited school that offers quality educational programs for members of the armed forces, both active and retired. The university provides its degree programs on an online platform that gives the students an opportunity to explore this highly specialized career field. They work hand in hand with faculty members who have committed themselves to providing each student with the education they need to succeed in a digital world.

3. Pennsylvania State University

Pennsylvania State University offers students a chance to earn an online Bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity. This online degree program provides the skills and resources that a student will need to be able to work and function in the cyber world. They will be able to identify and contain cyber threats that target people as well as their information. Earning an online degree allows you to pursue your career in whatever capacity you choose. You are able to continue working and expanding your horizons.

Pennsylvania State University offers the highest quality online degree programs to students from all walks of life. This includes transfer students, military servicemen, and new students who are straight out of high school. Students are able to attend classes over an online learning platform that allows them access to their courses from any location. The faculty they work with are dedicated to providing both information and insight that students can rely on to further their education and guide their careers.

4. The University of Arizona Global Campus

The University of Arizona Global Campus offers students a chance to enroll in an online Bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity. A cybersecurity degree involves using advanced technology to work in an IT environment to uncover potential threats that are found on the internet and contain them so they are no longer harmful. In today’s digital world, earning an online Bachelors degree in cybersecurity is a ticket to a very successful and rewarding career. You will be given the tools you need to thrive in a computerized world.

The University of Arizona Global Campus is a leader in its field when it comes to online degree programs. The school offers an online learning platform that will allow you to move forward in your career while you have a full-time job. Students are able to work with experienced faculty members who have experience in the IT field and can provide you with valuable insight. Students who earn their degree in cybersecurity can look forward to an exciting career in this intriguing field.

5. Mississippi State University

Mississippi State University offers students an opportunity to earn an online Bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity that will allow them to use technologically advanced tools to prevent cyber threats and keep the internet as secure as possible. Students use an online platform to gain the tools and resources they will need through an online Bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity. This provides graduates with everything they will need to establish themselves in the field of cybersecurity.

Mississippi State University is well-known for its online degree programs that are developed to provide each student with a quality education. The online degree programs offered by the school provide the flexibility that many students will need to be able to work and earn at the same time. Graduates who take the time to earn their degree at the university can look forward to a career they can be proud of. With the support of the faculty, students can graduate and move forward with confidence.

6. University of North Dakota

The University of North Dakota provides students with an online Bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity that is second to none in the area. Choosing this degree program gives you the opportunity to learn all of the skills and techniques you will need to keep the internet as secure as possible whether you are working for commercial businesses or individuals in the private sector. Returning to school to earn an online degree in cybersecurity gives you an opportunity to secure your future by establishing yourself as an IT professional.

The University of North Dakota has a long-standing reputation for academic excellence that is well-known throughout the area. Programs are developed for both flexibility and consistency. Students can rely on faculty members and the resources provided by the school for the support they need to build a career they can thrive in. Graduates are able to explore many career options and choose the environment in which they want to work so they can be as successful as they choose.

7. The University of Texas at San Antonio

The University of Texas at San Antonio offers students a chance to earn an online Bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity they will be able to use for many years to come. The lessons and technology that are made available through the degree programs allow them to be able to find and contain various types of internet threats that can harm and even destroy your sensitive information. With an online degree in cybersecurity, students can pursue a career in the highly specialized field where internet security is a priority.

The University of Texas at San Antonio provides quality degree programs that are 100% online and offer the best possible education for students who are interested in the cybersecurity field. Through the school’s online learning platform, students can learn all of the necessary tools and have access to advanced technology that will serve them well for many years to come. Faculty members give students an opportunity to learn from experience and use their skills to face many challenges they may face within the term of their career.

8. Herzing University

Herzig University gives students an opportunity to enroll in an online Bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity that will offer them a unique learning experience in a fast-growing industry. The degree teaches both the skills and the knowledge a student will need to be able to work in the IT field. Students often choose an online degree program because of the flexibility they have when it comes to attending school and balancing a career at the same time.

Herzig University has been included in many of the US News and World Reports’ lists of Best Online Programs for several years. The online programs offer students advanced tools and technology they will be able to use to face many challenges and obstacles throughout their careers. Students can rely on faculty members that have years of experience to provide them with the support they will need to thrive in a fast-paced, very specialized field. Students can start to build their careers long before they receive their actual degrees.

9. Indiana Wesleyan University

Indiana Wesleyan University provides students with an online Bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity they can count on to ensure a long-time career. Students receive access to advanced technology and the skills they will need to pursue a career in the digital industry that will allow them to work in such a specialized field. Earning an online degree in cybersecurity will allow students to create a career they can use either as an independent contractor or as part of a team in an IT firm.

Indiana Wesleyan University is known throughout the state for providing the highest quality online education for students who want to pursue a career in the IT industry. Each student has an opportunity to explore career options through the school and work with faculty members who are already established within the IT field. They can gain both insight and support from the faculty members who are committed to seeing them succeed. After graduating, students will have what they need to succeed.

10. Old Dominion University

Old Dominion University provides students with an online Bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity so they can pursue their career in the IT field. Degree programs offer advanced technology and advanced academics over an online platform that students can use to build a solid career. Cybersecurity is a highly specialized field that will provide a long-term career with many benefits. Students who earn an online degree in cybersecurity have the opportunity to take their career in a whole new direction and be very successful at it.

Old Dominion University is one of the most advanced schools that offer degree programs that are entirely online. Students have access to their courses and faculty members over an online learning platform they can utilize from any location with an internet connection. The students receive their education from faculty members who have spent many years gaining experience and honing their skills. This allows them to guide students as they work their way through their degree programs.

What Type of Training Is Required?

In most cases, an information security analyst will obtain at least a bachelor’s degree in cyber security. There are many programs that offer this degree online. Pursuing an online degree for cyber security is a great way to start this exciting career path. Online cyber security degree programs are a great option for people who want the ultimate flexibility with their schedules. This is often a good fit for those who are already working another job or who have family obligations. A bachelor’s degree in cyber security will prepare someone for many of the exciting job opportunities within this industry.

For those who do not have a bachelor’s degree, there are still cyber security opportunities available. In some cases, individuals with only an associate’s degree can still pursue cyber security occupations if they have had training and experience in the tech industry. This training could have been done on the job or during military service. However, there will be greater employment and earning opportunities for those who have completed a bachelor’s degree in cyber security.

Certifications also play an important role in becoming qualified for this profession. There are many different types of certifications for the many different types of roles someone could pursue. It will be imperative that anyone interested in this field conduct research into the different types of jobs available and the various certifications that may be required. For those who are opting for an online cyber security degree, there will be many opportunities to discuss this with instructors.

What Types of Personal Skills Are Required?

In addition to formal training and education which can be obtained through an online degree for cyber security, there are many personal skills which an individual would also want to bring to this profession. These skills will include a deep understanding of technology and programming. High ethical standards are also of great importance as an analyst will be dealing with large amounts of sensitive information on a daily basis. A cyber security professional should also have a propensity for lifelong learning as they will constantly be evolving and learning new ways to protect networks as threats change. 

How Much Does A Cyber Security Analyst Make?

This profession offers both an exciting, always-changing work focus as well as a dependable salary. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that a cyber security professional makes approximately $103,590 annually. This amount will depend heavily on experience and certifications. This means that for those who continue to invest in their own education and training, beyond graduation from college, they can continue to increase their earning potential.


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