Best Careers for Enneagram Type Three

The very success-oriented type of person, Enneagram Type Three personalities are very ambitious in their behavior. They can adapt easily to different situations and are driven to excel in whatever they choose to do. They are very image-conscious and want to feel valued and accepted. They seek out ways to become accomplished and admired, and many times set huge goals for themselves. They also enjoy motivating and encouraging the people around them and want to understand and connect with others. They like to fit in when they enter into a new environment that they find themselves in and will adjust their actions, roles, and even expressions to fit in better. Enneagram Type Threes tend to be very confident in themselves and charismatic when dealing with others. They use very practical thinking skills in the workplace and like to find ways to be as efficient as possible in their job. They are very good at public speaking and enjoy meeting new people. Enneagram Threes are known for their high-energy levels too.

Enneagram Type Three personalities are always striving to become better people and are very focused on personal development in their lives. They also enjoy encouraging others when it comes to personal development so they, too, can improve their lives. They are usually very self-assured and attractive as well as ambitious in their careers. They like to take on new responsibilities and enjoy embracing new opportunities which makes them wonderful candidates for a variety of different careers, including the ones that made the detailed list below.

Are You an Enneagram Type Three? Here are the Best Careers for The Achiever.

1. Real Estate Agent

Enneagram Type Threes work very well in positions as an agent, including as a real estate agent. Type 3’s enjoy taking on large amounts of responsibilities and those certainly come along with assisting people in buying a new home or business. They take their role very seriously in acting on behalf of another person and it allows them to use their energy as a performer in achieving the goal of getting their client the best deal. Enneagram Type 3 also enjoys playing an active role and helping others achieve a specific goal which in the case of a real estate agent, is securing the property they are looking for.

2. Banker

Enneagram Three personality types do well in a role as a top executive, such as a banker, since they are tasked with making major decisions for the bank they work for. Enneagram Threes embrace high levels of responsibility which is definitely present in the banking industry. Type Threes also welcome making tough decisions that can shape or change a business and since they are very goal-oriented in their own lives, they set high goals that they intend to reach for the banks they work for. They enjoy being corporate decision-makers and embrace the power they have as a banker to aggressively reach and even exceed their goals. 

3. Entrepreneur

Enneagram Type Threes love being their own boss and owning and operating a company. They enjoy setting goals for themselves and their business and aggressively working towards those goals. As an entrepreneur, Type Threes are able to give others a sense of security which they also enjoy in their own lives. They are also very good at motivating others to set and achieve their own goals in their various roles with the Enneagram Three’s company. They want their team to thrive and have plenty of freedom to create while being paid well and feeling confident in themselves.

4. Marketer

As a performer, Enneagram Type Threes enjoy the role of a marketer. They can grandstand about how great a product is or how people should use a certain company or technique to move their own goals forward. They are known as “the achiever” and work hard to market the products they are tasked with to the best of their ability while reaching and exceeding the goals they have set for themselves in their job. They are also high-energy people who are known for motivating others to reach their own goals. They also have a vision and can trust themselves to achieve that vision. Their motivation to thrive pushes them to always be three steps ahead of the competition which is a very important trait in a successful marketer.

5. Advertising Consultant

Enneagram Threes are good at leaving a lasting impression on others so they are great as an advertising consultant. They seek out and understand what needs to be included in an advertisement to bring in customers and meet the company’s goals. They embrace being the dreamers as well as the doers of any show they are running while making the world a better place as they move along. They can do this by being an advertising consultant while brainstorming ideas to help advance their clients in any way they can by putting those ideas into motion. As “The Achiever,” Type Threes want to be seen as very influential as well as skilled in their chosen career field. They want to help others to also get noticed and to stand out from the competition which are the reasons Enneagram Type Three personalities make great advertising specialists.

6. Financial Analyst

Type Threes are not only the achievers when it comes to Enneagram Personality Types, but they are also the performers who are great with money. They know how to make money and how to help others do the same. They are very adept at assessing the markets, different types of investments, and the performance levels of stocks and bonds so they make a great fit when it comes to a career as a financial analyst. They enjoy advising others when it comes to investments and helping them make the very best decisions possible that can even make them wealthy and the end. They like to achieve success as a financial analyst in both banks and insurance companies and strive to ensure that their clients are successful.

7. Athletes and Sports Competitors

Enneagram Type 3 personalities who are athletic will do well in a role as an athlete or other type of sports competitor since they embrace competition and have a strong desire for success. They are overachievers that will work hard at reaching the huge goals they have set for themselves in the sport that they participate in. They love to reach their own personal performance goals which are unique to being an athlete or sports competitor and look forward to achieving their goals and becoming very successful in their sport. Enneagram Type Threes also have a strong desire for success which makes them a good candidate for becoming an athlete or sports competitor. They also crave admiration which they can receive from the public when they become successful as an athlete. They are known as performers so being an athlete or sports competitor is very much in line with that since they can perform in front of others while they are competing.

8. Legislators

Legislators help shape public policies which Enneagram Threes enjoy since they like to be in a position in which others look up to them. They like to motivate others and move people forward in reaching their goals that will be for the greater good of all. Enneagram Type 3 Personalities may enjoy running for election to become a legislator since they will have to work at convincing their constituents to vote for them. They enjoy winning people over with their charismatic charm and running for election allows them to do that. They are performers who enjoy the spotlight. In the position of a legislator, they can set policies that they want to see implemented. Type Threes enjoy becoming successful and thrive on the popularity that comes with it. They are very motivated by careers in which they can campaign and garner the attention of the media to move their ideas forward.

9. Actors

Since Enneagram Threes are known as The Performers, it is only fitting that some may gravitate towards careers in acting. As an actor, Type Three can set goals, compete for acting jobs, and strive for success while gaining the admiration of others. Many Type Threes enjoy being famous and well-known and use their fame to help others achieve their own goals or to make their lives better. A career in the arts will require the Type Three personality to perform and achieve which they enjoy and garner their energy from.

10. Coaches

From sports coaches to business or writing coaches, Type Threes and love to motivate others to success. They work hard to help others form common goals that they can all reach as a team to be viewed as successful by others. Type Threes enjoy the admiration of being a leader but also take their roles seriously as they set goals for their team and strive to reach them so they will all be successful. A career in coaching allows the Enneagram Type Three to improve areas of the lives of others as they help motivate them and organize their lives. They help others make practical choices to improve their lives while striving for success.

What Qualities of The Achiever Enneagram Make Them Good for fast-paced careers?

Type Threes are very concerned with their performance, so they strive to do their job well in a fast-paced environment. They are constantly working towards reading their goals and thrive under pressure. They are very invested in their career and want others to see them as being very successful. They are known as The Achievers since they view the feeling of having achieved a goal as very rewarding and want others to experience that same feeling. They are very driven and have a relentless urge to work hard until the job is completed successfully which makes them great candidates for faster-paced careers.

Why Are Enneagram Type 3 Well-Suited for Careers as an Entrepreneur?

Many Enneagram Threes are considered workaholics since they are always working and thinking of the next great idea or goal they want to reach. Entrepreneurs are very good at creating a plan of action to attain the goals they want to reach for themselves, their company, and their employees. They are very committed to their work and have a relentless desire to build their businesses and to help others do the same thing. They enjoy motivating their employees to set higher goals for themselves to attain those goals through their own plan of action. They are very ambitious and view failure as something that is not an option for them or their business.


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