Best Online Degrees for Counseling

A career in counseling is easy to achieve even if you are working in another field. Taking all the courses for your counseling degree online allows you to work and learn at the same time. Individuals who don’t know what type of counseling they want to go into can begin to look for work in specific areas, such as group homes or addiction rehabilitation centers. Finding a job in one of these areas will help you choose a specialization that you truly enjoy.

Is a degree in counseling worth it? 

Earning an online degree in counseling is one of the best ways to make a difference in the world around you. Counseling has many specializations that allow a student to choose which type of degree they want to pursue. Some of the more popular specializations include family counseling, addiction counseling, career counseling, and marriage counseling. Students who choose counseling as their job of choice can expect to have a long and very rewarding career. Job opportunities in the workforce are projected to grow 8% over the next few years for those with a counseling degree. Once they know what type of counseling career they want to pursue, they can begin to enroll in courses that represent their chosen specialization.

1. Addiction Counseling

A career in addiction counseling will provide the graduate with the skills they need to assist those dealing with addiction. Addiction can be devastating for both the patient as well as their families. When it comes to counseling, both parties may benefit from a meeting with a counselor. It will help them come to grips with what the person dealing with the addiction is going through.

An addiction counseling online degree will give a student the option to pursue employment in almost any type of facility where addiction treatment is offered. Graduates may be able to open their own office if they have a reputation for being able to assist patients with their after-care treatment plans. Addiction counseling jobs can be found in a variety of facilities and rehab centers.

2. Career counseling

An online degree in career counseling is one of the best ways to advance your career if you enjoy working in the field of human resources. Online degree programs that specialize in career counseling are a great way for someone who is already working in the field of human resources to pursue new opportunities in their chosen field. Career counseling can help employees find a job they enjoy that will allow them to make the most of their skills and talents.

There are many jobs in career counseling that a new graduate can choose from. A recruiting agent is someone who helps individuals looking for employment, find the type of job they will excel in. High school counselors can also act as a career counselor when trying to help high school students choose a career they will enjoy.

3. Family Counseling

A family counseling degree online gives students an opportunity to help families who are in distress find the answers they need to move past any challenges they may be facing. A family counselor is often recommended for couples who may be having problems within their marriage. Families who are dealing with any type of abuse situation can also benefit from having a counselor offer advice and help them work through each stressful situation.

A career in family counseling will allow you to make a visible difference when it comes to helping a family make it through a very difficult period. The job market for family counselors is extremely lucrative. No matter where you live, there will always be a need for a counselor that deals specifically with family-oriented issues.

4. College Counseling

An online degree in college counseling is one of the best careers if you enjoy working with high school students who may need help choosing a field of interest that they will thrive in. Choosing a career is a big decision, especially when a student is getting ready to decide what college degree they be enrolling in. While they may be able to take a generic Associate’s degree, setting a career path early on is important.

Careers in college counseling will allow you to identify potential talents in students and find the college degree programs that will help a student reach their career goals. Graduates with this type of degree can find work on college campuses, at high schools, or at employment agencies. With so many career avenues to choose from, having a college counselor helps a student decide which degree path is an immense boost.

5. School Counseling

An online degree in school counseling is a great way to work with kids of all ages and guide them through many of the obstacles they may face as a student. Attending school online gives the student a chance to learn while working in an educational environment. Those who choose to be a school counselor will be able to help kids move forward in school by addressing any problems they may have.

School counselor jobs can be found in local school systems, daycares, pre-schools, and any other type of organization that supports the learning process. A school counselor can find many opportunities for employment in the college realm as well. It is also a profession in which advancement is possible.

6. Art Therapy

An online degree in art therapy is a great way to assist others who may not respond to traditional forms of counseling. With art therapy, patients are allowed to draw or create other works of art to help them express their feelings and emotions. This type of therapy is especially good for children who have been through various types of trauma. It may also be beneficial for people with disabilities. An online learning platform allows the student to continue working while they complete their education.

A career in art therapy can be very rewarding. Art therapy jobs can be found in doctor’s offices, schools, and agencies that provide daycare for adults and children. Some art therapy counselors choose to open an independent office so they can provide their patients with a variety of art therapy programs. Graduates with an art therapy degree may choose to pursue other types of counseling programs as well.

7. Rehabilitation Counseling

An online degree in rehabilitation counseling will give a student the necessary tools and skills they will need to assist with the rehabilitation aspect of recovery. Whether a person is recovering from an accident, injury, illness, or addiction, they will face many struggles and challenges. Counselors who specialize in rehabilitation of any kind can make a sincere impact in their patients’ lives. They are the key component involved in getting a person back to their original state, or as close to it as possible.

Careers for rehabilitation counselors can be found in many facilities depending on the type of rehabilitation counseling a student chooses to focus on. Rehabilitation counselors are in demand, especially in larger cities. Rehab counselors can work for a facility or they can establish their own practice and work as an independent contractor. Either way, they can set their own carrier path and help others along the way.

8. Substance Abuse Counseling 

A substance abuse counseling degree online is the best way to help others who suffer from some type of substance abuse. A substance abuse counselor will normally have sessions with both the person who is abusing drugs or alcohol as well as the family members who love them. It’s important to address issues on both sides of the situation. With an online degree, students can find work in a rehab facility while they are finishing their education.

With a career in substance abuse counseling, graduates can find work in almost any type of rehab location. Graduates can choose to work in inpatient or outpatient programs that will allow them to be as hands on as possible. This is the type of career that will allow a counselor to truly make a difference in helping mend a family who is dealing with addiction.

9. Social Worker

Earning a social worker degree online is a good career for someone who enjoys helping others. Using an online degree program is a great way to get your foot in the door if you are trying to find work in the human resources field. Social workers can work in both the public and private sectors so choosing the right degree program is essential. The key is knowing what groups you want to work with and whether or not you are willing to perform the tasks necessary for your job.

A career in social work can be quite rewarding. You can find jobs in the public sector working with families who are struggling. Most communities have positions for social workers available on a regular basis. You can also find work in almost any Human Resources department if you have a degree in social work.

10. Grief counseling

Enrolling in a grief counseling degree online is a good way to help others who are dealing with the death of a loved one or any other type of significant loss. When it comes to dealing with grief, everyone handles it differently. Understanding the grieving process and being able to help individuals process their feelings is extremely important. With an online degree in grief counseling, a graduate can begin working with individuals who need help coping with loss.

Grief counselor jobs can be found in almost any type of healthcare facility, especially those that revolve around mental or behavioral health. Becoming an independent grief counselor will allow you to work with churches, funeral homes, or any other type of facility that deals with helping others work their way through the loss of a loved one.

What are the benefits of a counseling degree?

A career in counseling is one of the most rewarding occupations you will ever have. Having the ability to assist a person in distress find a way out of the darkness will give you a feeling you won’t be able to duplicate through any other means. Whether you choose to work out of your own office or at a large facility, the career you create will allow you to serve the community and make the world a much better place. Embarking on your career as a counselor will provide you with a sense of accomplishment. Continuing on with your career will give you the peace of mind that you have helped those around you.

With an online degree in counseling, you can enjoy the freedom of studying when you can gain the most out of your classes. This freedom also allows you to spend quality time with your family and continue to work and earn a paycheck so you can support your family while you attend your classes. Every student will handle their education differently. Choosing to take their courses online offers the same benefits and resources as if they had taken them in a classroom. The ultimate goal is to ensure they have everything they need to be a lifeline to others.

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