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Humanities and liberal arts are actually two separate fields, but many colleges and universities house them within the same department. Humanity degrees includes English, history, philosophy, foreign language and religion, which are generally non-scientific and non-technical disciplines. Liberal arts students choose particular areas of interest and these programs teach students how to think critically and analyze information to draw relevant conclusions.

What does a Humanities & Liberal Arts Degree cover?

Humanities and liberal arts degrees gives students incredible flexibility in designing their curricula. Many programs involve interdisciplinary coursework that helps students achieve their career path goals. A humanities and the arts degree gives students a firm foundation for post-baccalaureate studies. Also, many employers seek students with a abroad educational background because of the soft skills that come with a formal education. These skills include written and verbal skills technical degrees don’t always emphasize.

What can you do with an Online Humanities Degree & an Online Liberal Arts Degree?

There are many opportunities for those who want a career in with a major in humanities & liberal arts. Teaching, social work and nonprofit advocacy are jobs that give graduates an opportunity to help others. Those with a creative bent can choose art and design, marketing, advertising and copywriting majors. Others may choose management, human resources, sales or customer service positions. 

Online Degrees in Humanities & Online Degrees Liberal Arts

Students who want a career in with a major in humanities & liberal arts can choose from the following majors:

  • Rhetoric
  • International studies
  • Modern Languages
  • Speech communication
  • Religious studies
  • Germanic languages and literature
  • Linguistics
  • Comparative and world literature
  • East Asian languages and cultures
  • Russian language and literature
  • Anthropology
  • History
  • Latin American studies
  • Arts

What are careers in humanities & liberal arts?

Careers that you can pursue with a major in humanities & liberal arts cover a lot of territory, as seen in the sample majors above. From advertising representatives to events directors, millions of students choose humanities and liberal arts due to the extreme flexibility it gives them. Journalists, graphic designers and writers all choose liberal arts and humanities degrees that match their interests and career plans.

Online Liberal Arts Degree

Online Associate’s Degree in Liberal Arts and Online Associates Degree in Humanities

With an associate degree in humanities & liberal arts, students learn how to communicate, debate and think critically. An associates of humanities & liberal arts degrees online assists learners who want to develop generalized knowledge on a range of topics. For example, students with political ambitions might choose a major that concentrates in foreign languages, social sciences or similar fields available in an associate of humanities & liberal arts degree online.

The broad scope of an online associate degree in humanities & liberal arts makes graduates great candidates for further studies at the baccalaureate level. With associates of humanities & liberal arts degrees online, students also qualified for entry level positions in business administration or public service. An associate of humanities & liberal arts degree online allows students to study on their own terms. This is a huge perk for students who have family obligations and full-time jobs.

Online Bachelor’s Degree in Humanities/Liberal Arts

A humanities online degree gives students a solid academic foundation in the chosen field of study. With a liberal arts degree online, students can pursue a full-time degree that typically takes between three and four years to complete. Some schools are set up to accelerate graduation with year-round classes and shorter course lengths.

A Humanities & Liberal Arts degree online usually includes the same courses offered in on-campus programs. At the bachelor’s level, a humanities online degree gives students access to electives in a wide array of fields such as women’s studies and social work. This allows students to customize their coursework for their area of specialization.

Most humanities and liberal arts bachelor’s degrees require at least 120 credits to complete and they may include the following courses:

  • Mathematics for Liberal Arts
  • Civic and Community Engagement
  • Contemporary Social Justice Issues
  • Religions of the West
  • Music Appreciation
  • U.S. History Since 1877

A liberal arts degree online allows students to specialize in a particular skill set while taking classes across a range of industries. This could include specializations and research, writing or communications. With an online humanities degree, students can study behavioral sciences, social sciences and computing from the comfort of their home or favorite study space.

A humanities & liberal arts degree online allows students to pursuit general education courses while honing in on what they want to do when they graduate. Many people choose an online liberal arts degree to prepare for master’s level work in their specialization.

Online Master’s Degree

An online masters in humanities & liberal arts typically takes two years to finish. With a master degree in humanities online, students can complete their postgraduate degree without attending classes on campus. This is a unique degree in that it requires students to broaden their studies rather than narrowing in on a specific area of expertise.

A master degree in liberal arts online allows students to gain expertise in literature, history, philosophy, political science, religion, culture and similar fields. A master degree in humanities online usually requires between 30 and 36 credits beyond the bachelor’s level. A master degree in liberal arts online provides a convenient way for students to broaden their perspective in their current field or to prepare for a career change.

While engineering degrees may garner high salaries right out of college, some studies indicate that liberal arts majors may give graduates a higher return on investment over their lifetimes.

Areas of concentration at the Masters level closely match the Baccalaureate level and include the following:

  • Industrial/organizational psychology
  • Digital humanities
  • American studies
  • Religious and ethics
  • Public policy
  • European studies

These are just a few areas of concentration available with an online masters in humanities & liberal arts.


A doctorate in humanities online resembles a master’s degree in the humanities. However, doctorate level degrees are typically more focused on specific topics or research in philosophy, natural sciences, religion and similar fields. Most PhD candidates must produce a body of work that includes publishing articles or research results. Students work with faculty advisors to develop dissertations on compelling questions in their specialization.

Students pursuing a doctorate in liberal arts online study topics in depth. These programs are usually heavily based on research. An online PHD humanities & liberal arts allows students a lot more flexibility to juggle responsibilities and interests. However, these programs are heavily research-based and may require full-time commitments to complete in a timely manner.

Here are a few examples of doctoral degrees in humanities and liberal arts:

  • Family and Community Ties
  • Social Transformation Through Art
  • Culture, Society, and the Global Tradition
  • Humanizing Technology
  • Modern Literature and the Human Condition

With an online PHD humanities & liberal arts degree, students can find faculty positions at major universities. With a doctor of liberal arts online, students can also go on to work for think tanks, government agencies and research projects.

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