Online Degree in Legal Studies


Legal studies is a very diverse field that offers opportunities for advancements as an independent lawyer or as part of a legal team. The legal field offers positions at many levels from clerks and receptionists to judges and magistrates. Once you enter the field, either through an entry-level position or by enrolling in a legal studies degree program, you will begin to see a brighter future with many different types of opportunities.

What Majors Are Included in Legal Studies Online Programs?

Legal studies offer a wide selection of specializations that allow the student to choose the area of expertise they want to work in. In addition to constitutional and criminal law, students can also choose from administrative law, criminal litigation, dispute resolution, family law, business law, and civil law. Dual degree programs are available that allow students to specialize in two majors at the same time. A good example of this is family law and dispute resolution. Administrative and business law is also a good combination.

What Can You Do with a Degree Online in Legal Studies?

Earning a degree in legal studies opens the door to many different types of opportunities. Lawyers, judges, and paralegals are not the only careers available for graduates who have earned a degree in legal studies. Large corporations are always looking for competent legal advisors. Graduates who have a passion for teaching can take what they have learned and choose to educate others. Legal professionals can find work in almost any field, especially if they choose to specialize in a specific area such as business, administrative, or corporate law. This is especially useful if a student is proficient when dealing with contracts.

What Are the Highest Paying Jobs in Legal Studies?

Of all the jobs in the legal field, lawyers usually make the most money depending on what type of law they practice. Trial and corporate lawyers can make well over $100,000 per year if they are able to take on high-profile cases. Tax lawyers, patent lawyers and real estate attorneys also have the potential to earn in excess of $100,000 to $150,000 per year. Real estate and tax attorneys often have the highest earning potential simply due to the fact that many of the cases they are involved in are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars or more.

Online Associate’s Degree in Legal Studies and Online Certifications in Legal Studies

Earning an Associate’s degree or certification in the legal field is the first step in creating a highly successful legal career. An Associate’s degree provides you with the basic knowledge you will need as you enter the field. It provides a solid foundation for you to build your career on. Certificates, on the other hand, are an excellent way to validate the work experience you may already have. They are ideal for individuals who have been working in the field and want to get credit for the experience they have gained. Certifications can also be a stepping stone for moving from one degree program to another.

Online Paralegal Certification

Paralegals who want to get the credentials they deserve can take an online certification program. An online paralegal certification program provides the credentials a paralegal needs to validate the work they have already doing. A certification program will also give them what they need to earn their state or national certification or licensure to work as a paralegal in their state. Even if it is not required, being certified is extremely beneficial and will guarantee you a higher wage and possibly more benefits.

Online Associate’s in Criminal Justice

An online Associate’s in criminal justice offers students a chance to pursue their education while starting their career in an entry-level position. In some cases, this could be law enforcement or investigations.. Attending class online makes it possible for them to work during business hours and the flexibility to study when it is most convenient for them. Online degree programs offer the flexibility some students need to be able to juggle family, school, and work obligations. Other students may prefer to stay out of the classroom due to anxiety or various distractions that prevent them from getting the most out of their coursework. A criminal justice degree will give them a head start on either law enforcement or the legal field.

Online Associate Degree in Legal Studies

An online Associate’s degree in Legal Studies provides students everything they will need to get their foot in the door when it comes to joining a legal practice or getting a job working with the courts. An Associate’s in legal studies will give a student everything they need to be proficient in a legal setting. As the first of many legal degrees, it provides the most basic information which allows students to begin to look for a specialization that they may want to pursue as they move on to a Bachelor’s degree program.

Online Bachelor’s Degree in Legal Studies

A Bachelor’s degree in legal studies provides students with the next step up in terms of a quality legal education. Once they have completed their Associate’s and are ready to enroll in their Bachelor’s program, they have the option to start to choose a more specialized degree program. Criminal justice, family law, paralegal, and civil/criminal litigation are common choices and can all lead students down the path to very lucrative careers.

Online Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice

An online Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice will lay the groundwork for advancement in several different legal fields. This includes law enforcement, investigations, working with constitutional law, as well as many other career options. By taking the courses online, students have a flexible schedule and can continue to work and care for their families at the same time. In many cases, employers encourage their employees to return to school and may even offer to pay for a portion of their tuition.

Online Paralegal Degree

An online Bachelor’s degree in Paralegal Studies provides the necessary skills to advance a paralegal into positions where they can earn higher pay and take on more responsibilities. With this type of degree, they can also maintain state certification if they continue to keep up with their continuing education courses that are required to remain in good standing.

Online Master’s Degree in Legal Studies

A Master’s degree in Legal Studies shows mastery and gives graduates an upper hand when it comes to advancing their careers. It also provides additional skills when specializations are being pursued.

Online Masters Degree in Criminal Justice

An online Master’s degree in Criminal Justice is a great choice for individuals who have been building their careers and are ready to move on to the next step. With a Master’s degree, students can expect new opportunities and challenges that come along with a higher level of education. Working online offers the flexibility to combine their education and work schedules so there are no conflicts.

Online Masters Degree in Legal Studies

A Master’s of legal studies online offers the advantage of a flexible schedule with the knowledge and expertise of an advanced degree program. Bringing the two together allows for maximum potential when it comes to increased earnings and opportunities for advancement in their current field.

The study of law can be very lucrative no matter what specialization you choose. Enrolling in an online Master’s degree in Law degree program will provide the necessary skills that a lawyer needs to go after the career they have always wanted. They can pursue a career as a trial lawyer, judge, advocate, or mediator and have all of the tools they need to succeed.

Online Doctorate Degree in Legal Studies

Doctoral degrees offer graduates an option to teach or to lead. In most cases, once a graduate reaches this level, they often choose to sit on the bench as a judge or move into the realm of lawmaking at the state or federal level.

An online doctorate degree in law offers graduates the credentials they need to apply for positions as a judge or magistrate. Many take the opportunity to become a professor and teach others who are interested in a career in the legal field.

An online Doctorate in Criminal Justice gives graduates a chance to lead by example in many fields including law enforcement, forensics, and investigations. Many graduates who earn this degree often return to school as a professor while still working in their field of choice.

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