Will Community College Save Me money

How Does Community College Help You Save Money? Community colleges help you save money by offering general education classes that are usually transferable to a four-year college or university. Earning a bachelor’s degree is an expensive undertaking, and students often look for ways to save money. One of ways to save money on an education is to…

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Can I Finish My Associate’s Degree Online?

This educational option can be used very flexibly so that students can balance work, education, family life, and other obligations. In many cases, this is also a very affordable educational route.  What Is An Associate’s Degree? An associate’s degree online is often thought of as “half” a bachelor’s degree. The associate’s program will get a…

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Can I Finish My Bachelor’s Degree Online?

Starting an educational journey is often very exciting and full of hope for the future. The sad truth is, though, in the United States almost 40% of college students will drop out before they complete their bachelor’s degree. For some, finances can play a big part in quitting. For others, college is a brutal wake-up call that…

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How long does it take to get an MBA online

When considering pursuing a master’s degree, the program may not be readily available at a local institution. Additionally, many people seeking an MBA often have other obligations and may not be coming directly from an undergraduate program. This opens the doors for seeking other choices, such as an online MBA program. An online MBA degree…

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Are Online Degrees Cheaper

Students looking to pursue their education often wonder about the expense. With the cost of schooling continuously growing, it can quickly get discouraging. Many people have heard that getting an online degree can be a little cheaper, but how true is this? Are online degrees cheaper, and how can you tell? Is an online college…

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